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Overwhelmed by the prospect of starting your new business?

Starting your own business can seem daunting and scary.

We are experts in helping small businesses get started, guiding them through creating their whole branding and online presence. That's why we made this start-up pack.

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That's why we created the business start-up digital pack.

Get started for free or receive our biggest offer to date with the Pro pack.


Get started with DACCAA and get amazing info via email:

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As a thank you, you will also receive a £50 off voucher when you join.



Learn more about the pro plan in great detail below. Here's a quick overview:

  • A fully bespoke responsive website
  • Logos and social assets
  • Basic legal pack1
  • Social account setup2
  • Three days worth of social posts
  • Three hours tech basic support/training
  • Posts scheduled for a week of your choice
  • First month hosting free

Our competitors could charge just shy of £1000 for only the website.

£749 upfront then £19 per month3
Was £999

DACCAA is trusted by many businesses big and small.

What's included in Pro?

Bespoke website

Get a custom crafted bespoke website. All our websites are fast and fully responsive — so they work great on mobiles too.

Logo & social pack

Our team will create your logos for your business too as well as our social pack — which includes all social assets needed.

Baisc legal pack

We will create the legal documents necessary for your website to go live. These includes privacy policy and cookie notice1.

Social accounts

We will setup three social accounts of your choice with the option to addon additional accounts.

A week's posts

We will create your first week's posts across those social networks. This will be three posts across three days.

Three hours support

We will give you three hours of support to help teach you about your new online presence or posting to the social networks.

Scheduled posts

We will show you how you can schedule posts for your social accounts and schedule the posts that were created for you.

First month free

And if that's not enough, we will even give you your first month of hosting completely free to say thanks for working with us.

It's not as difficult as you think to get an effective website for your business.

Get started with these steps:

You're struggling to compete with local businesses who may be more established online than you. Or you feel your website doesn't look clean and modern enough for today's audiences. Or worse still, it doesn't work on mobile. You approach the team at DACCAA for help.
We work with you to help shape your online presence starting with an effective, modern, and clean website — that works on modern mobile devices. We help you create how your business appears online by guiding you every step of the way.
You're happy because you have a nice new website, some potential new marketing strategies, and up to date social accounts. You're even happier because your business starts getting noticed online and your online presence is improved.
  1. Our basic legal pack contains a privacy policy and a cookie policy. We provide this as guidance only. It is important to remember we are not legal advisors and it still remains your responsibility to ensure your website remains compliant with your local laws. DACCAA cannot be held responsibile for this.
  2. We can create up to three social media accounts, if you require more, they can be added at £29 extra per account.
  3. £100 non-refundable depoist required before work starts — this covers some of our internal costs. The remaining balance is paid upon your satisfaction with the website. The £19 per month hosting plan is required for one year (not including first free month) — we require the commitment due to this pack's lower price.